Facebook blackjack online players may be out of luck for a while due to a loophole in gambling legislation set forth by the federal government in Australia. An online on Facebook is being accused of taking gamblers’ money but failing to pay winnings in cash form. This is causing many blackjack gamblers to lose money from their pockets, and it is making them angry in the process.

The online casino in question is the DoubleDown casino on Facebook. It gives its players some free chips initially, but once those are used, gamblers need to buy more credits in order to play more online games like blackjack. Online gamblers have increasingly been warned to only bet while playing on websites that they can put their trust in. They have also been advised to read all of the fine print when playing and gambling on online games such as blackjack.Blackjack is one of the thousands of games available on Facebook that takes virtual money in the form of Facebook credits. Online gambling sites do not allow players to convert their virtual currency into real money. Therefore, the online gambling sites are not breaking any laws, and this is allowing them to take players’ money without giving it back when they win.There are established online gaming and gambling sites that pay their players winnings in cash form, and they have not received any official complaints by their users. DoubleDown is being shunned by the gamblers that have been cheated by them. They created a Facebook page to warn all other players of their wrongdoings.