Online casinos and poker sites have been quickly gaining traffic since they’ve landed on the vast internet industry. It may be safe to say that this particular industry has overrun the traditional brick and mortar casinos, with a diversity of benefits that come with it. From convenience, time savings, huge start-up bonuses and a myriad of game options, these online sites have definitely replaced the conventional adult entertainment industry for good.

Among the many games that are widely popular today in the internet, people have easily grown to love online roulette as they did on land-based casinos. At present, there is a buzz in the industry of online roulette as Micro Gaming is set to release their latest groundbreaking online roulette platform – Premier Roulette. Inspired by European Roulette’s unique system, which has only a single zero, it has been defined by players as the Rolls Royce of online roulette with an entire range of features that is yet to be seen and experienced in the industry of roulette gaming. Since the creation of the internet and the booming of online roulette, there hasn’t been such an exciting news update about this roulette industry until now.This latest online roulette version seems to be the talk of the town, or at least the online casino industry, in everything that’s about roulette. It seems as though Micro Gaming has taken roulette gaming to a completely whole new level of enjoyment and entertainment, since its birth in Paris during the seventeenth century. As reported by Micro Gaming, players who will participate in Premier Roulette will be able to modify the play setting and table designs and then save them on your computer for your next gaming use. To learn more about this hot news update, be sure to follow the news updates of Micro Gaming to learn more about the new features and specs of this particular online roulette game.