Games that you can play on your mobile phone depends on the type of phone. Games are available on a mobile phone platform that includes the iPhone, an Android phone or any type of mobile phone that has an updated web browser. Most games that you can play will require using a smartphone.

Look for games to play on your mobile phone online. One good place for top mobile phone games is by looking at GameSpot website. If you have a Samsung Galaxy S mobile phone, the Android platform is used. This means that you need to search for games that are available for an Android smartphone.Click on the “Android” tab and then scroll through the list of popular games for mobile phones. Search for games by carrier by clicking the option for your carrier at the top of the screen. Samsung phones are available from all major carriers. The model of phone is not important if it is an Android branded phone with a dedicated data plan.One popular game that you can play on your Samsung mobile phone is Mr Legs that was developed by I Like James. You can find this game listed on the Android Market. This game follows the journey of a cherry picker. The object of the game is to move Mr Legs up in society by collecting cherries. This can be done by manipulating Mr Legs to make him small or large. Make sure to watch out for obstacles on your journey that include birds and bombs on the pavement.Search for other games for your Samsung mobile phone by browsing the Android Market. Navigate the Android Market from your mobile phone or from a desktop computer. Any games that you want to play on your mobile phone will typically cost $0.99 to download.