The 2013 release of SimCity is anticipated by fans, and it is set for March 5th. Ocean Quigley, the game’s lead creative designer, says that the new edition has the most depth of any SimCity game to date. The game is available for pre-order, and later digital download, on the Entertainment Arts website for SimCity.

SimCity is a city simulation game. Players take on the role as mayor, which allows them to make decisions in regards to the future of their city. They arrange the construction of roads, zone land and respond to natural disasters.

The 2013 release comes with an expansive multiplayer extension. Players group up with their friends to make economic decisions in an effort to control a virtual goods market. Everyone plays for points in the end, but the decision models are complex and provide new challenges to SimCity fans.

Based on player decisions as mayor, cities evolve into coal burning, industrial states, or players can build a education hub. Online, players trade their special resource for the things their city is short on. The game simulates a live, global economy. It potentially teaches people how to understand the real world economy.