Will Wright invented the popular SimCity computer game in 1989, which grew a fan base over the last two decades. Since, the game has been re-imagined several times, and continues to be well-received by its fans. The SimCity 2000 release was a notable successor, but in 2013 a new model is expected, and it is simply named SimCity after the original.

The classic SimCity was released for the Commodore 64 line of computers, a widely used brand at the time. Will Wright was inspired by previous games he had played, and eventually he drafted the first city maps for SimCity.

The game puts the player in the shoes of a city mayor, and he must plan the placement of roads, schools and police stations in order to grow a city. Placing a road is the first thing a player does, and the next thing he does is zone lots either as commercial, residential or industrial. The game populates the land automatically.

SimCity 2000 brought the series into the two dimensional era of isometric sprite graphics. The flat artwork gave the appearance of a three dimensional setting in computer games later in the ’90s. The 2000 edition added new buildings and decisions that the player could make as mayor.

The advent of three dimensional graphics evolved a new SimCity, and the fans could enjoy their creations from 360 degrees. Several releases led up to the present. SimCity 3000 included complex, economic concepts such as inflation and unemployment. Cities could spawn slums due to poor fiscal policy from the player.

In March, 2013, Electronic Arts Inc. with its studio, Maxis, will release SimCity 2013. The lead creative designer for the game, Ocean Quigley, is excited about the new level of depth the simulation is capable of. Players will track individual citizens, financial markets and be able to play online with others.

The March release will allow players to compete or collude with their friends online. Dozens of resources like energy, education and precious metals will be available on a open market on the Internet. Players will invest in and crash the market.